Being innocent, with Dan Germain

Everything Dan speaks about is rooted in the idea of business 'being human'. His advice to fledging entrepreneurs: do a bit of soul searching, know your values, know what drives you, and make sure you’re building towards this vision with a team who feel the same. Creatively, think about what encourages other people to share stories, use a tone of voice that's natural to you, and when someone demonstrates relentless energy towards and idea, give them a chance to explore it. Energy is everything.

Matt & Katarina
Impact investing, with Alex Pitt

Mustard Seed is an investment firm investing in founders driven to make a difference. They back founders who (much like us), passionately believe that business can, and should be, a force for good. 

They have a unique ‘lock-step’ investment lens, which ensures that the Fund only backs businesses whose core product or service is inherently beneficial to society. Here, we speak to co-founder Alex Pitt, who offers us an insight into the organisation and explains how their people-focused approach to investing in companies drives outcomes.

Matt & Katarina