Business always has impact beyond profit. It has impact on our culture. Our communities. Our biases. Our beliefs.

We want to make sure our businesses have positive impact. Environmentally. Culturally. For people personally.

So we thought who better to learn from than those already doing it and those creating infrastructures to help them grow.

Beyond Profit is a series of interviews with world-class Founders, Investors and Supporters of mission-driven businesses.

Our ambition: to inspire more people to start-up, seek involvement in or to support businesses that do good!


Matt Pullen

Founder of Our World

Believing that business is an under-utilised tool that can be used as a force for good, Matt switched paths from politics to entrepreneurship. With a passion for innovating better alternatives and showing that being compassionate towards yourself, others and the environment doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, Matt hopes to accelerate sustainable lifestyle choices and people’s focus on their mental fitness.



Katarina Tencor

Founder of Co-Created

After heading up the marketing at a VC-funded technology company whilst at University, Katarina spent the next few years learning from some of the best creative and commercial minds at M&C Saatchi and Joint London. Katarina’s now on a mission to champion diversity through something we all have in common: food.